Tobacco Company, Swedish Match, declared Thursday that it has enlarged sales of its leading smoking brand of snus tobacco into U.S. tobacco markets. The Sweden-based company, which has its North American headquarters in Richmond, reported that it has manufactured its new brand of snus in New York City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Denver, Nashville and of course the states of Ohio.

Snus is a smokeless tobacco which is sell in pouches that empower tobacco consumers to use it prudently by placing the small pouches under their upper lip.

Snus has been very well-known for decades in Sweden, and cigarettes companies have been testing its availability among American consumers because a lot of states have enforced smoking ban in indoor places.

Swedish Match company has sold snus in the U.S. since 2006 through tobacconists, including Havana Connections shops in the Richmond area. In 2011, the company manufactured snus in two flavuors in tobacco shops in Chicago, Dallas and also Philadelphia.