How to Choose Best Hookah

Hookah pipes received a huge popularity these days so you can get them practically at any place, even in online stores. However due to the fact that there are diverse kinds of hookahs available on the market, purchasing them can be a bit difficult simply because of the numerous alternatives offered. Various countries sell their own kinds of pipes and it can be rather complicated particularly for a hookah beginner. Below are given a few tips to help you buy the right hookah.

  • Before purchasing a hookah, try to make a little research. You may visit hookah bars and try some of them. Analyze various sizes and materials used in the hookah pipe. It is considered that the best hookah pipes are those produced in Egypt. They have the highest quality. Those pipes made in Turkey are theoretically a little more mediocre as they are manufactured from copper and do possess an enjoyable taste. As about China made pipes, they are not very popular mostly among experienced hookah smokers, who declare that they are of the poor quality.
  • Choosing the right height for a hookah is for the most part a matter of preference. Experienced hookah smokers gravitate toward hookahs between 28 inches and 32 inches. This range of height is the happy medium of performance and ease of handling. However, someone that intends to camp or travel a lot might prefer a smaller hookah. Conversely, someone who intends to smoke on his outdoor patio, may want a really tall hookah that can be placed on the floor next to a high table. Height does play some role in performance. A larger vase and stem will hold more smoke and produce more smoke upon inhaling. This doesn’t mean that small hookahs don’t smoke well. There are plenty of small hookahs that smoke extremely well.
  • It is usually advised by experienced hookah smokers to stay away from purchasing small hookah pipes. Simply because smoking a hookah is a shared process by a lot of people at one particular time, a larger hookah pipe would be an excellent choice. Hookah smoking is a popular social practice, while smoking a hookah by yourself is not actually what it was created for.
  • When purchasing a hookah at a store, take a look at the hoses before buying any hookah. You may ask the seller to fill up the hookah with water and see if hoses have any water leaks. It is complicated to smoke from a leaky hookah hose. Examine all hookah components to ensure that they are in ideal condition.
  • After acquiring a hookah pipe, you can to start purchasing hookah tobacco. Just as before, you can give preference to an online cigarette store. Buy visiting hookah bars, you can experiment different flavors and find your favorite one. Ultimately, your understanding of hookah smoking will allow you to play with flavors and create original mixtures.

Hookah smoking is a very pleasant process mostly in the good company. It is a specific sort of bonding event that you will expect. So just before purchasing a hookah for yourself, see why others prefer it.

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