Davidoff ID
The great design even extends to the cig itself. The filter dosent usually house a design this does it says ID all over it it looks nice we then have two bands and it says Davidoff ID the designings on the cig looks great. Looks very well made no lose tobacco, papers got a OK roll on it. Dark coloured tobacco . Smells a bit like coco , dry drag sweet flavour to it. lets get lit up. First drag, very smooth flavour really easy going down every even burn from the start.

Great flavour for a 10 tar 0.8 nic and 10 carbon m im surprised at how smooth it is to smoke. Real full body to it , half way down getting a nice nicotine hit ive already had a few of these and to me this is a perfect cigarette nice burn time smooth smoke good nicotine hit. Its hard for me to describe flavours as some times its better to try them for yourself but its really good, different to other cigs it does stand out , but in a good way. Toward the end it does become a little harsher but is still a smooth smoke. Flavour stays consistent.Worth getting if you can get them where they are stocked.

Davidoff ID

Good points

-Great flavour stays consistent different from other brand available , its very unique and is great.
– Good burn time and every a even burn.
-Amazing pack design and cig design.
– Great nicotine hit.