The first cigarette puff immediately after ending the fast can kill a person, doctors explained that while urging Muslim smokers to use the opportunity to quit the habit this Ramadan. Smoking can be harmful for a fasting person whose body is trying to compensate after abstaining from water and food for so long time. Smokers must consider themselves very lucky if they do not contract serious cardiovascular problem, experts added.

“Smoking tobacco is the worst thing a person can do to his body, especially at iftar in Ramadan,” declared Dr Riaz Ahmad Minhas, an expert in internal medicine at the Emirates Clinic and Medical Centre in Al Ain.

At this time, he argued, the body is in greater need of liquids, glucose, and oxygen and smoking tobacco could lead to the contraction of blood vessels, preventing the required flow of oxygen. Smoking cig at such a critical time can also cause the blood to thicken.

This can lead to the blockage of arteries, increase blood pressure, spasms, disturb regular heartbeat, and also increase cholesterol. “It could be fatal and smokers must be informed of that it,” added Dr Minhas.

Dr Ali Jaffar, a physician in Al Ain, explained that inhalation of tobacco at the ending of a fast is highly dangerous to the human body. People do not know how hard it is for their bodies to oppose such a blow at such a time. “If they knew they wouldn’t be so fierce to their own bodies,” he concluded.