Reports have claimed that the big boss of the British American Tobacco Australia, David Crow, have already threatened the government that it will launch cheap Red & White cigarettes in the market if government sticks to its own plan of removing the brands from the cigarette packets.

He clearly said that if he does this act then people will smoke more. He said that in order to save his business, he has to take this step if the government is so stubborn.

“It’s driven by crime syndicates, it’s driven by the Triads, it’s driven by the underbelly of the smuggling world”, he added.

He also mentioned that all the tobacco companies would give heavy discounts in the price of the cigarettes, which will worsen the situation.

There will also be chances that cheap unregulated cigarettes from China enter the market and will make everyone smoke as it will cost so less.

According to the World Health Organization, nicotine is a drug which is not sold legally. Cigarettes are sold in the open market in which the nicotine is inhaled while smoking.

Statistical reports claimed that around 7,500 people die of smoking and this lung cancer can cause the highest number of deaths than any other disease.

Now, it is totally up to the government and the negotiations it makes with the big boss of tobacco.