Dunhill Blend
Dunhill cigarettes are a luxury brand of cigarettes made by the British American Tobacco company. Dunhill are a more expensive version produced by BAT, and are sold in European (including Russian), Asian-Pacific, and Canadian markets.

Dunhill’s roots date back to 1907, where Dunhill Tobacco of London Limited was established on Gentlemen’s Row. More than a century later, Dunhill is premium international brand, embodying the perfect taste, always.


Dunhill Blend is a fine blend of premium tobacco, with a superb combination of rich flavors.

The Dunhill Master Blend comes in a distinctive red flip-top box with an elegant grey band that highlights the brand name. Dunhill Blonde Blend is a light blend of easy smoking flavor with no harsh chemicals, for nothing but pure smoking pleasure. The cigarette’s chambered filter allows for a smooth pull and an exceptionally even burn.