CURRENT GLOBAL STRATEGY Marlboro has a tradition of being the industry’s innovator examples: the flip-top box, cork looking filters, slow burning paper, slide packs, etc. Filter Plus Technology: a revolutionary, flavor enhancing, four-chamber filter system.

PRODUCT Brand Architecture Product Innovations packaging upgrades (Marlboro Red Filter Filter Plus Technology Plus Slide Pack) and many line extensions for individual markets Marlboro Intense (shorter, rich-flavored cigarette) quality improvements new menthol products (Crisp, Fresh and appealling and sophisticated design – Ice Mint, mainly for the Asian market) and promotional function of packaging kretek or clover cigarettes

Philip Morris International’s Marlboro Filter Plus cigarettes new product is a combination of carefully selected varieties of tobacco, filter creation of innovative technologies and truly unique construction tutu with a sliding lid. This proposal marks of “Marlboro” positioned in the premium price ranges cigarettes.