You can have smoking celebrities and celebrities who smoke Cigaronne cigarette. What’s the difference, you ask? Jessica Alba is one smokin’ chick, both literally and figuratively. She’s smoking hot good looking and is also one of many celebrities who smoke that you probably have no idea does.

In today’s world, smokers are looked upon with scorn and disdain, which is why so many celebs who smoke try to hide the habit.

But, with ever-present paparazzi and practically everyone, it seems, owning some type of mobile device that can take a photo these days, celebrities who smoke are getting outed regularly on the internet. However, unless you’d search for them, you’re probably unaware of which celebrities smoke and which don’t. Here are a few celebrity smokers that you may or may not be aware of.

Jennifer Aniston – Yes, sweet Rachel from “Friends” is a smoker. She projects such a girl-next-door appeal, works out a ton, is in very good shape, but yep, she’s a celebrity smoker. Just search the internet for pictures of her smoking and there are plenty. There are always claims of having quit by most on this list, but if she has quit as of the writing of this article, I’m unaware of it.

Daniel Radcliff – Little Harry Potter a smoker? Surely not! Apparently Dan picked up the habit from a couple of acting roles (obviously not from the Harry Potter films) and smokes a pack a day. There also are some rumors that he additionally smokes a little pot. Harry Pothead? Nah, too easy.

Barack Obama – Shall we call him the Smoker-in-Chief? The President is supposedly a non-smoker right now, but he doesn’t deny that he used to smoke and has fallen off the no-smoking wagon at times while president. His doctor released a statement that he is currently using nicotine gum and has quit several times in the past. With the White House providing him a veil of secrecy that most celebrity smokers don’t have, we just can’t know for sure what the truth really is.

Jessica Alba – The aforementioned and currently pregnant Alba is a long-time celebrity smoker. She quit smoking while pregnant with her first baby in 2008, but started back up afterward. Jessica is a fitness buff with a great body (no need to tell you that), but apparently sees no problem with smoking.

Kate Moss – The supermodel smokes like a chimney. In fact, most models do, so it would be a much easier task to compile a list of supermodels who don’t smoke. It’s not hard to figure out, really. Models need to be thin and smoking is one way to take away any oral fixation for food. Kate is such an unabashed smoker that at a recent No Smoking Day at her Paris Fashion Week appearance she lit up while sashaying down the catwalk.