Smoking cigarettes should no longer to be considered a normal habit for all people, the Health Secretary has reported, as a law on tobacco advertisement comes into force. From this weekend all large stores and supermarkets in England must hide all cigs and smoking products from public view. He dismissed the suggestion that cigarettes smoking could become more alluring to teenagers if it is kept hidden and insisted the main issue was about “moving the culture”. “The culture is about moving to a new place where cigarettes smoking isn’t a part of normal inhabitants life: people don’t combat it normally, they don’t see this habit in their big supermarkets, they don’t see people smoking their favorite cigarette in places where are kids, they don’t see tobacco vending machines,” he explained.

“We are going to continue the fight against smoking for the a one main reason that most smokers want to kick the habit and it is main cause of early inhabitants mortality.”

Health Minister Anne Milton noted: “We cannot disregard the fact that teenagers are enrolled into smoking by colorful cigarette packs and ads. Most of adult smokers started the smoking habit when they were teenagers and we need to stop this info/vogue-style-vogue-cigarettes-advertising-campaign.

“Prohibiting displays of cigs and tobacco products will help minors resist to the pressure to begin smoking and help the thousands of adults in England who are trying to quit smoking.”