A number of online sites believed that e-cigarette is the hottest discovery in the tobacco industry to date. After the growth of the electronic cigarettes industry, smoke bloggers and websites started to appreciate electronic cigarettes as the best invention in the industry. The popularity of electronic cigarette has been in vogue in several cigarette review sites with positive reviews of different e-cig products and smoking brand.

“The new invention is just amazing. It cuts costs. It is a lot less harmful. It is able to be used and rechargeable. What more can a regular smoker asks for,” explained one of the bloggers who believed in the wonders of e-cigarette.

Electronic smokes hit the tobacco market a little bit unsteady at the beginning. But as many sites and blogs adjust to this innovation, e cigarette started to become identified as the best smoking alternative.

E-cig is a device similar to a traditional cigarette but is built differently with the electronic technology. The technique can give one the same taste and feel of traditional tobacco smoking but uses vapor instead of smoke. The smoking device also comes with rechargeable batteries and some has permissive cartridges.

Many bloggers believe that one of the best advantages of electronic cigarette is on the health effect. As many Americans today die from lung cancer, a large percentage of this is non-smokers, smokers are counselled to regulate smoking if not quit it.