E-Cigarette Helps Smokers Lose Weight

It’s the latest tempt by tobacco companies. Companies declared that their e-cigarettes offer a curse of vitamins with every cigarette puff. They also argued that these new cigs can provide a rise of energy or even help a smoker lose weight. The tobacco manufacturers of electronic cigarettes have always claimed to be a better smoking alternative to regular cigs because they have no tar and also less nicotine. Dr. Edward Eden explained that there is still reason to be very careful, “they are unregulated and we don’t have proof that they work well.” Dr. Eden added that the vitamin levels may have little to no persons’ health benefits.

He also wants smokers to remember that electronic cigs are still cigarettes, “this form of nicotine delivery device might raise the craving for nicotine.”

And scientists worry this type of marketing may lead to more cigarette carving and addiction, especially among teens