Approximately two thirds of inhabitants support the new legislation to moves to sell cigs in plain packages, explaining that tobacco industries will soon lose the fight to protect their brands’ originality. The state government will soon publish a consultation for to examine the new plan to remove all branding from all cigarette packages which are sold in England. The new decision has been accepted by state health groups too.

“Package designs are used for to advertise brand imagine, and also for to distract the attention of young people from cigarettes health warnings,” reported Professor John Britton, director of the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Investigations. “Putting cigarettes into plain packages creates no problem for smokers who want to continue to purchase the smoking products, but it also protects kids and teenagers from becoming familiar with and perhaps identifying with specific brands.”

Branded cigarette packages are considered significant to the state profits of the tobacco companies, which are mounting a destructive lobbying campaign to maintain their rights to distinguish their smoking products.

But an independent investigation of 10,000 adults, leaded for Action on Smoking and State Health, found that 62% of people support plain packs while only 11% of them oppose it. The study also found that only 6% of investigated people believe that the cigarette industry can be trusted to “tell the real truth”.

Ash also declared that almost eight out of 10 people support smoke-free regulation, with the majority of the public in favor of such a legislation on smoking cigarettes in public places and on tobacco advertisements.