James Belushi got into trouble for flying with a marijuana cig at the week-end. The ‘Cougars, Inc’ actor landed on the island of Martha’s Vineyard off the coast of Massachusetts on Friday (06.04.12) but Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials observed the drug on him. James tried to smoke his California medical marijuana card for to validate having the joint with him, but was told it was worthless in the state. The local West Tisbury Police declared, but it decided not to take serious action as the amount of marijuana found was small and marijuana possession law has been removed in Massachusetts.

The cigarettes were confiscated by the state authorities and James was let off just with a small warning. The 57-year-old famous actor isn’t the only star which have smoked marijuana. For example, Brad Pitt recently also reported that he quit smoking marijuana in the years 90s when because the smoking habit started affecting his career.

He explained: ‘I would smoked a lot of pot. I was professional at it. I wasn’t participating in life. I was smoking myself into a selfish. I got disgusted with it.’

Nevertheless, other actors hug and celebrate using the drug recreational, with ’50/50′ actor Seth Rogen not long ago voted Stoner of the Year for the second time by High Times journal. Speaking about his use of marijuana, he noted: ‘I’ll confess to smoking pot all the time but I’ll never say to being drunk.’

Other famous pot smokers are Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson, who recently collaborated on the song ‘Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die’.