A lot of smokers in Nottingham have quit smoking. An investigation of 2,000 people across the city found that the number of adults smokers decreased by 4.5 percentage in the past year. The research, commissioned by Nottingham City Council and the local NHS, suggests the number of smokers dropped to 27.5 per cent in 2011.

The same study was published in 2010 and discovered 32 percent of people which were questioned were every day smokers.

Nottingham still stayed overhead the national average for England, which stands at 21 percent.

But Peter Cansfield, director of public health at NHS Nottingham City, declared that the figures showed Nottingham was moving in the right course.

He added: “These results are very positive, they also show a general decrease in the number of regular smokers, so the movement is being just great.”

Mr. Cansfield explained that the figures could mean as many as 8,000 had quit smoking, but because the investigated people was small, this statistic couldn’t be counted.

The study was completed in December 2011. City council deputy Graham Chapman, reported: “At a time when Government cuts in our spending mean we are making vigorous decisions about how to deliver anti-smoking services, these results showed that we are focusing on people’s priorities and providing new services that signify to them the most.”

The research separated the city into nine regions. Researchers found in Bulwell and Bulwell Forest the highest amount of smokers at 35.3 percent. But Wollaton had the lowest percentage of smokes at 18.8 percent.