Once upon a time, smoking tobacco in Japan is not banned or limited, so the sight of smokers was common. With Japan’s low cigs prices and the country’s ever-so-accessible cigarettes vending machines, smokers could light up their favorite smoking brand on the streets, in pubs, and even in restaurants. That is until higher tobacco taxes were enforced on cigarettes and many public areas were turned into non-smoking buildings. Smoking tobacco was also prohibited on the streets and in offices.

This, of course, has been disappointing and painful for smokers as they are not able to enjoy their smoking habit as easily as before.

The Japanese government recently reported that it is going to launch a new program that aims to decrease the smoking rate in half in 10 years.

Tobacco company General Holdings has come to the common smoker’s attack by launching Ippuku.

Ippuku is an indoor smoking place that is open every day from 6 AM to midnight, very well equipped with ventilation special systems, aroma diffusers, vending machines, televisions, background music, and also free Internet.

Starting with July 3, Ippuku shops will open in Tokyo: one near Ochanomizu, and two others in Jimbocho and Kanada stations.

General Holdings new plans to open a total of 36 sections all over Tokyo by the end of 2015.

In addition to the price rate of 50 yen (per person, per visit), clients will be able to choose from daily (100 yen), weekly (500 yen) and even monthly (1800 yen) passes.