Although the no-smoking regulations are supposed to be enforced before the end of this month, cigarette sales and ads of less than a full package of 20, will still continue for a period of time. Sisy Castillo, vice-ministry de Salud, who has been working in the making of the laws that are expected to go before the Presidenta for her signature starting with June 26, said the regulation offers time for the tobacco industries and tobacco ads for a period of six to twelve months.

Castillo declared that a research showed that the stock of packages less than 20 will run out in warehouses within the next three months and advertising contracts signed prior to the regulation can remain in effect until the expire and cannot be renovated.

As to “loosy” cigs, that is the sale of just one that has been common, especially in the downtown areas of San José, should have stopped already, but with the ordinances, the ministerio de Salud will have the permission to enforce the regulation with fines and even agreements.

With respect to cigarettes butts in parks and other public places, the vice-ministra declared that it will be up to the public institutions to guarantee the clean up and be responsible to post no smoking special signs.