There’s currently no law against smoking Pall Mall at Waterloo park, but tonight City Council is voting on a policy that will prohibit people from smoking around the playgrounds.

“There’s been some mothers concerned because their child has health issues so the commission certainly wants to be sensitive to the needs of our citizens.” said Sharon Lafitte.

Parks and Recreations Director..Sharon Lafitte says this is a sensitive issue because the park is an outdoor public place, and if the smoke free zone passes it might not completely solve the problem.

“It’s going to be really tough to enforce our police officers certainly have major duties and responsibilities so that’s going to be an issue.” said Lafitte.

Kimberly Platt says her kids have grown up going to Waterloo parks and she feels strongly about smoking around the playground.

“I’m a strong proponent for no smoking in the parks i’m not a smoker I understand there’s lots of people that do smoke and that’s their right.” Platt said.

Platt says non smokers have rights too, and they shouldn’t have to suffer through breathing in smoke while they’re trying to enjoy the park.

“Those of us who don’t smoke and there seems to be more of us now days we end up having to move or leave because those don’t seem to take consideration that we don’t smoke and we don’t want it around our kids.” said Platt.

If this policy passes, the Smoke free Zone will not include other areas of Waterloo park, just the playgrounds.