Here is the list of the top 5 most demanded cigarettes in the whole world by smokers. 5. Pall Mall cigarettes Manufactured by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and British American Tobacco those cigarettes are well-known in buts USA and Europe. Famous for their chorcoal filter, they’re your best bet if you’re not sure what to smoke and if you want mild, but well-tasting cigarettes. Some may not like the “chorcoal” aftertaste, but you can quickly get used to it. Also, they’re easy to get almost everywhere and are not too expensive, maintaining a good balance between price and quality.

4. Camel cigarettes

After introducing Joe Camel, a cartoon character of a camel smoking a cigarette, Camel got the attention of American Medical Association for making their mascot nore easily recognised than even Mickey Mouse. Still, Camel is another fine brand of cigarettes if you don’t mind their unplesant throat scratching. They’re strong, and you can really feel that you’re smoking, even after years of cigarette usage. However, in some places they’re hard to get, but if you stumble upon a pack of Camel classics, try it out. May be just your taste.

3. L&M cigarettes

Not that popular in the United States, L&M cigarettes are a huge market in Europe. After the reroll in 2007 they’ve become easier to get in the US, thus increasing their popularity, but still not many smokers are acknowledged to them. L&Ms introduced a triple filter, which surprisingly doesn’t change the taste that much – however, they’re not much softer on your throat, and – as opposed to Pall Mall – there’s no chorcoal aftertaste. However, be aware that L&M Red are very strong and are not suggested if you’ve just begun smoking.

2. Lucky Strike cigarettes

The oldest brand of cigarettes out there, Luckies don’t need an introduction. DuringWorld War IIthey were handed out to soldiers, thus becoming a post-World War II hit.

Since their introduction in 1871 they haven’t changed a bit, and if you pass an unfiltred Lucky Strike to your grandfather, if he was a veteran of World War II, he’ll surely recognise the “toasted” taste. Nowadays, their popularity seem to downfall a bit, especially in Europe, however rest assured they’ll be there if you want them.

1.Marlboro cigarettes

Marlboro cigarettes is the largest selling brand ofcigarettesin the world. It is made byPhilip Morris USA(a branch ofAltra) within the US, and byPhilip Morris International(now separate from Altria) outside the US. It is famous for itsbillboard advertisementsand magazine ads of theMarlboro Man.