Extensive research has been made on the production of the safe cigarette to come out with a product that can equal or even surpass the use of the traditional one. Many factors are to be considered to come out with a safe cigarette, in the real sense of the word. They basis of the making of safe cigarettes are in its four contents namely nitrosamines, aldehydes, polycylic aromatic hydrocarbons, and some metal elements, that what the researches do.

The main priority of researches is on the lowering or the total free of nitrosamines, carcinogenic compounds which is commonly viewed by most people as the most deadly cancer-causing agents in tobacco smoke. This are the compounds which can cause severe diseases and even people around who can inhale the second hand smoke. This is called passive smoking. It is even more dangerous for the passive smokers to inhale these agents in cigarette smoke that’s why manufacturers consider the production of smokeless cigarette as a safe alternative to the traditional one, if not the electric cigarette or the best electric cigarette.

Aldehydes are formed by the burning of sugars and cellulose contained in tobacco cigarette considered harmful also to the smoker. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which form in the cigarette behind the burning tip; and traces of heavy metals present in tobacco as a result of fertilizers used on the plant are all harmful chemicals present in the traditional tobacco that all leads to ill-effects on health particularly the deadly lung-cancer.

The cigarette manufacturers first started working on the production of safe cigarette by not including the tar content which is heavily contained in the traditional one. As a result of this, many of them responded with the production of a variety of new filter cigarettes that will greatly reduce tar levels. But this was seen by the public as merely to increase their revenues but not on eradicating the bad effects the traditional cigarette passes to the health of the smoker because there is little evidence that filter cigarettes, like the best electric cigarette of today, were healthier than the regular cigarettes.

At this moment, people may conclude that low-tar cigarettes are far better for them than the regular one. The mechanics of lowering the tar levels by manufacturers also made to lower nicotine levels, and studies have shown that smokers compensate for the loss of the nicotine by inhaling more deeply and taking puffs more often and this is still tantamount to smoking the real tobacco cigarette.

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