Japan Tobacco International is releasing limited edition packages of its bestselling Camel cigarette brand. The dynamic-looking packages of Camel Blue brand will be offered on its king size 10’s & 20’s package formats.

Introduced in 1913, Camel is a smooth tasting American blend cigarette marketed in over 110 countries throughout the world. Offered from October 1 2015, the new style will help strengthen Camel’s place in the premium cigarette segment.
While preserving exactly the same quality smooth tasting American tobacco mixture that has become associated with the brand, the house modernization will offer a modern design that present adult Camel smokers expect to have.

Jeremy Blackburn, JTI head of communications stated: “Camel cigarettes is a long-standing accomplishment story within the premium cigarette segment. Keeping about 17.1% share of the Ready Made Cigarette (RMC) tobacco market, the premium segment continues to be considerable for retailers and this house modernization involving both the 10s and 20s package sizes will further more fortify retailer chance for good margins.”

“The limited edition packages are created to celebrate Camel’s on-going creativeness, vibrancy and creativity,” Jeremy Blackburn added.