Philip Morris Presents New Design for Five Marlboro Packages

new marlboro package
UK was the first Member State, which launched plain packaging on cigarette packs. In accordance with this bill all cigarette packages marketed in UK should be identical in size, shape, be without any logos, pictures, without eye-catching colors and of course to include graphic health warnings.

After the introduction in UK of cigarette plain packages bill, several cigarette producers started to think how to make their cigarette packages suit the new boundaries but to stay away from losing their personality. Time for such modifications left quite a bit, as the regulation was adopted before May 2016.

The first, who tried to show its concepts about how a new cigarette package design should be like, was a well-known producer of tobacco products Philip Morris. PM released past year its new Marlboro plain packaging for five Marlboro packages: Silver Blue, Ice Blast and White Menthol.

The new cigarette package design had been launched in France last year and introduced past summer. The design is described by the entire lack of any labels and logos; the design is maintained just in two colors.

Cigarette packages have kept the familiar Marlboro chevron – red strip on white background for Marlboro Red, green strip on a white background for White Menthol, blue strip on black background for Ice Blast, golden strap on a white background for Gold and blue on white for Marlboro Silver Blue.

Over half a package will bear graphic health warnings. Based on the company associates, along with packaging modifications and cigarettes will be transformed too, of course for the better, the Marlboro brand-new design displays the “continuous advancement of the brand over its 90 year history” – Philip Morris representatives explained.

Obviously, producers still are concerned that to cigarette users may look that Marlboro cigarettes will lose their special taste. Philip Morris managing director for the UK – Martin Inkster explained, that this renovation will “guarantee that adult smokers get the high-quality smoking experience ever possible” and these new packs» include the world’s best-selling cigarette selection”.

Marlboro cigarettes will also have a new tipping paper styles and have been improved to contain a firm filter that definitely will not prevent Marlboro fans to take pleasure in deep and rich tobacco taste, so typical for this well-known cigarette brand.