The Tobacco Board, after marketing 75 per cent of the authorised tobacco crop in Karnataka, has allowed entry of unauthorised crop grown by registered growers on to the auction platforms from Monday (February 13).

The board is also planning to close tobacco auctions in the State by March 15.

According to Mr K.N. Vishakantaiah, Regional Manager, Tobacco Board-Karnataka, “Unauthorised crop grown in Karnataka by registered growers which is estimated to be around 20-25 million kg (mkg) has been allowed to enter the auction platforms. This we have done after major portion of authorised tobacco got sold in over 110 days of auctions.”

Tobacco prices have stabilised in the last one month. At the end of 113 days of auctions (on February 13), the board has marketed 76.45 mkg (7.18 lakh bales) of FCV tobacco variety with an average price realisation of Rs 96.90 a kg.

Of the 76.45 mkg marketed, Bright grades comprised of 22.86 per cent (17 mkg) traded at an average price of Rs 119.23 a kg. Medium grade 54.22 per cent (41 mkg) traded at an average price of Rs 102.24 a kg and Low grades 17 mkg traded at an average price of Rs 62.81 a kg.