“Kent”. Filter holds more than one third of nicotine that cigarette contains. But carbon filter absorbs nicotine and harmful tar.

The most popular filter that is used in tobacco industry is filter made of acetyl cellulose. And is used secondary acetate that contains 5-10 per cent of triacetate glycerin as binding substance. These filters decrease ingress into the smoker’s body suspended particulate smoke matters. Such substances as acrolein, phenols and highly carcinogenic nitrosamines are removed by these filters selectively. Their efficiency can be increased by lowering fibers’ diameter, by increasing the length of the filter or adding to fiber certain substances.

Usual filters for cigarettes remove some part of suspended particulate matters in smoke. If filter lowers nicotine content in smoke as well, smoker controls his smoking process in order to achieve satisfactory dose of nicotine. Smoker can introduce such correction by inhaling a lot, by inhaling deeper, by smoking big part of each cigarette or by smoking more cigarettes.