Cases of tobacco abuse on rise among young girls in the capital due to various psycho-social reasons, one of the main reasons which they believe that it is an effective way to deal with stress. Women smoke Glamour for stress and there is a general upward trend in drug abuse among them observed that many of them think it is a short-cut to handle stress in life.

“Women smoke with burning end of the cigarette, and it is very risky affair as it likely to cause cancer of the hard palate. 60% of the women who come to me with head and neck cancers are in the habit of smoking or chewing tobacco, said Dr Usman, an Oncologist.

Anushe, a University student, who has been using tobacco for last two years said ‘She feels comfortable and relaxed while inhaling smoke’. She said that there were many of her friends who also join her and often organize “sheesha party” as they love smoke. Replying to a question that where these parties are organized and don’t their parents stop them, she said that at homes and even in presence of parents because this is becoming a trend.

A report by the Tobacco Control Cell said that 276 people die of smoking in Pakistan every day. Tobacco use in any form is deadly. Smoking kills more then half of all regular users, and the smokers die on average of 15 years earlier than non-smokers