Dunhill cigarettes are a luxury brand of cigarettes made by the British American Tobacco company. Tobacco companies succeeded in having their product included in military rations during World War I, where under the stress of warfare many soldiers took up smoking, becoming habitual smokers. After the war, during the Roaring Twenties, Dunhill cigarette smoking was portrayed in advertising as part of a glamorous carefree lifestyle, and became socially acceptable for women as well. This image continued to be prevalent to some degree until the 1950s and 1960s, when the medical community and government (particularly in the United States) began a campaign to reduce the degree of smoking by showing how it damaged public health. Dunhill cigarettes are exported mostly throughout Europe, South Asia, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, but can also be found on the Internet and in smoke shops throughout the United States and Malaysia, and more commonly in Canada.

Dunhill Light cigarettes are packaged in a predominantly white packet, with a bevelled edged square of red in the centre. Dunhill have decided to phase out this pack and have introduced marketing information that the blue box described below is the same cigarette although carbon monoxide levels and nicotine levels are altered.Dunhill International cigarettes come in a red packet and are one of the most expensive and luxurious cigarette brands available, they are made with all Virginia tobacco and are among the only Dunhill cigarettes sold in the United States (along with the Dunhill King size beveled packs which come in Full flavor, light and menthol light.) These are available through specialty tobacconist shops and can be bought at Phillips and King. Dunhill (minus the “International”) are a more expensive version produced by BAT, and are sold in European (including Russian), Asian-Pacific, and Canadian markets.Dunhill cigarettes were notably favored by legendary gonzo journalist, Hunter S. Thompson and also English rock musician John Lennon.It is a little known fact that Dunhill International cigarettes American distribution is owned and operated by R. J. Reynolds, who is most notably famous for their Camel brand.The Dunhill cigarettes are considered to be the best British Cigarettes on the market and one of the most premium cigarette brands in the world. These cigarettes are packaged in a unique, flat box that gives these cigarettes an extra dose of style. In recent years these cigarettes have been made available in a number of different styles. It is a little known fact that Dunhill International cigarettes American distribution is owned and operated by R.J. Reynolds, who is most notably famous for their Camel brand.

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