We don’t know how to feel about Citi’s big study on young smokers. Analyst Vivien Azer reported that “young smoking brand preferences drive long-term market shares.” In this regard, investors might want to consider Camel, which has raised its tobacco market share among 12-17 year old by 21 per cent—a gain characteristic to the Camel Crush cig which switches to menthol when you pressure it.

And, of course, children like Joe Camel. Newport brand is also gaining popularity among teens.

While Marlboro smoking brand is losing share among younger people, Azer argued it may regulate this trend with new smoking products. In spite of losing ground, Marlboro remains the most famous smoking brand among children and adults.

Kids tend toward premium cigs because they usually smoke less, and they have a strong and growing favor especially for menthol cigs.

In general youth smokers rate are dropped, which Azer added is ” very good.”