Cigarette Ads Kids Smoking Addiction

Inhabitants, rich and poor, adults and kids are attracted by super-engineered billboards inviting young and old to smoke tobacco. Our televisions are also invaded by cigarette ads. They are so well engineered that we hardly remark the counsel that is mandatory information for all smokers, which appears so fast it can with difficulty be read.

Cigarettes butts in ashtrays and on the streets, including those in useless baskets, are targets of poor youngsters who have been addicted since childhood since their small rooms are usually destroyed with destructive cigarettes smoke.

The children of the well-to-do simply ask their parents for more pocket money without explaining what it is for, and spend it on a blended, aromatic package of cigs. The more expensive is the brand the higher elite standard the smoker is considered by the colleagues: This happens to be the same thought of their badly parents who are addicted to nicotine. However, a cigarette maker has gone further in its united social responsibility (CSR) commitment than the ability of any other company’s ability to match in this engagement.

The planting of 1,000 Trembesi trees along the Java north coast highway (Pantura) is indeed remarkable. No other company has rushed to commit that much in CSR. If tobacco companies requested evident responsibility, by switching their basic tobacco business from the demolition of the people’s lungs to the population’s prosperity increase.