Smoke-Free Parks, Town on Lakeshore Tobacco Ban

A new smoking legislation designed to filter smokers from parks and recreation spaces is in the works in the Town of Lakeshore. If the ordinances enforced inhabitants won’t be able to smoke tobacco and cigarettes in parks, playgrounds and sports fields in Lakeshore. Stacey Lanoue brings her two kids to play at Lakeshore Park. She supports the new ordinance. “That’s something that’s really disappointing ; when people are smoking cigs and we walk through the tobacco smoke,” Lanoue declared. “As non-smokers, it is frustrating. “Lakeshore’s youth council brought the proposed legislation to town council.

The Windsor Essex County Health Unit also investigated 88 teens in Lakeshore and found that most of them want public places to be smoke-free.

Zach Marchand is on the youth council and argued that this is the first idea by youth council to be considered for a law.

“Nobody likes seeing the cigarettes butts lying around. It just makes it look dirty,” he added. “But a lot of the teens are trying to move towards a healthier lifestyle. And they’re realizing the affects of tobacco smoking and how bad it is to health.”