Internet Cigarettes Sales Prohibited in Arizona

Face-to-face cooperation is now a must when buying most smoking products in Arizona. A legislation that was enforced this week prohibits the sale of cigarettes, excluding pipe tobacco and cigars, via the Internet and any other ways of sale that is not a face-to-face deal. Pipe tobacco and cigars were not banned because they do no require a stamp to afford proof that the tobacco retailer or distributor is in pliability with the state’s luxury-tax regulations, even though they are subject to the tax, according to the new ordinance.

The state Attorney General’s Office thinks that the legislation will reduce the purchasing ability of kids.

“Online sales of smoking products are a main problem because no protections exist to assure that kids can’t purchase them,” Attorney General Tom Horne declared in a news study. “State regulation needs this critical update to show the growing amount of Internet tobacco products sales and the danger this presents to kids.”

Persons who violate the new law can be charged with a Class 6 felony and are also subject to a civil punishment of up to $5,000.