Pamela Anderson Against Animal Testing, Tobacco Tests

Pamela Anderson is taking a stand against the FDA’s recommendation to test smoking products on animals. Tobacco companies will often make rats breathe cheap Beratt cigarette smoke for up to six hours a day for months on end, then kill them to investigation the damage on their bodies. The FDA’s recommendation is highly misled as rats don’t contract the same diseases as humans, and the cigarettes companies have used the findings from animal testing to mislead the public and refuse the link between smoking tobacco and cancer.

Her tweet linked to PETA’s campaign against the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Center for Tobacco Products’ draft recommendation that some smoking products be tested on animals. According to the animal rights organization, “This guidance would permit companies to conduct painful animal tests for to demonstrate the ‘reduced risks’ of new smoking product and its ingredients.”

PETA explained that the tests are not favorable to humans, as animals that are forced to breathe in the smoke do not develop the same diseases that humans do. The special organization also declared that the tobacco industry has misled the public with those results for decades, denying the link between tobacco smoking and cancer.

They go on to describe some of the testing. “In some of the horrible tobacco tests that could be conducted, rats would be forced to breathe cigarettes smoke for as long as six hours a day for months at a time by stemming the animals into small containers and evacuating concentrated cigarette smoke directly into their noses. The animals would then be killed and their bodies analyzed,” PETA writes.

Belgium, Germany and the U.K. have all prohibited animal testing for smoking products, and PETA also points out that Canada uses “modern, non-animal method” to test the tobacco products’ safety. They are asking the public to urge the FDA to do the same: “We need to tell the FDA evidently that no more animals should suffer and die for these archaic, inexact, and cruel tests on tobacco products that we already know are deadly when used as directed!”