How to Remove Cigarette Smoke from the Car

There are numerous motives why you could wish to clear your car of cigarette smoke. Probably you recently purchased or rent a car from a smoker or you don’t want your parents, husband, wife, or child to find out that you have been smoking. No matter what is the motive for doing so, it can be a challenging and laborious procedure to remove the smoke out of your car. Luckily, it can be done choosing some of the below advised tips.

Open the windows. In order to decrease the level of smoke in your car, try to open the windows each time you light up.

Do not forget about ashtray. This is probably the most efficient thing you can do in order to clear your car of smoke smells. Right after you empty the ashtray, clean it appropriately and when it is dry pour in some amount of baking soda to soak up any leftover odors.

Vacuum the car. By vacuuming the car you will get rid of any ashes or cigarette butts that could have fallen somewhere in the car.

Clean the upholstery. Although it will not totally eliminate the smell of smoke from your car’s interior, dispersing your seats and carpet with a special fabric refresher will make some changes.

Clean interior surfaces. Cigarette smoke builds on interior surfaces and can leave unpleasant odor, so try to use a vinyl-safe cleaner to clean all of the surfaces in your car as the dashboard, armrests and trim.

Address Professionals. If you are not satisfied with all mentioned tips, try to find a professional to thoroughly clean your car. They will wash your carpet and furniture, clean out every corner, and leave your car looking as the new one.

Set up an air cleaner. Just after you have cleaned your car, preserve it that way by decreasing the level of smoke in your car while someone is smoking. Cleansers drag in the smoke filled air, clean it, and flow clean air back into the car.

Freshen the air. Even though the air freshener is very useless at removing the smell of smoke, it can help to hide any unpleasant smells that keep on being after a complete cleaning. There are a lot of air fresheners on the market, choose the flavor you like and enjoy a fresh air.

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