How to Get Rid of Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke is unpleasant for both non-smokers and even many smokers. In cars, homes and businesses, an ongoing struggle proceeds to create a more pleasant and fresh atmosphere. Have you got tired of all those air fresheners that simply layer a pleasant odor over the cigarette odor? We offer several tricks for getting rid of this problematic cigarette odor so you may breathe easier. Obviously, the most effective way to eliminate nicotine odors from carpets, furniture and walls is by applying hydrogen peroxide.

In anyway, cigarette smoke elimination is not extremely hard, but it really demands certain effort to remove the smell.

  • Vinegar – White vinegar, left overnight, can make a great job by eliminating unpleasant cigarette odor.
  • Citrus– Some use citrus peels when they want to remove unpleasant odors. Leave some amount of citrus peels in home or car for a few days until they dry out.  When you take out them, you will also get rid of the cigarette smell – or practically some of it.
  • Baking soda – is one of the time-tested solutions of odor elimination. When cleaning your carpet, couch or faded car seats, baking soda is your best helper. Spread it over the area and leave it for a few hours. After that, use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the soda. Just make sure that before spreading soda, test it on an invisible part of the surface in order to make sure that the fabric doesn’t react unfavorably with the baking soda.
  • Coffee – Use the odor absorbing property of coffee grounds in order to eliminate cigarette smell. Don’t spread them all over the area as you do with baking soda, although, coffee can leave some stains. As an alternative, put coffee grounds into a few separate coffee filters and tie them. Place these coffee bags on anything is holding the cigarette odor.
  • Air the room or car – Necessitating less attempt than peeling a citrus, you have certainly open all your windows and doors for a few hours to make cigarette smoke go away from cushions, carpets and other surfaces.
  • Charcoal – There’s nothing pretty about placing a charcoal in the affected by smoke area, but when you spread some bowls of charcoal all-around your room or car, you will find that it has soaked up all the cigarette odor. It is one of the efficient methods of cigarette odor elimination.

Cigarette smell may make your home similar to a night club and your car smell like an ashtray, so give a try to one of these tips.

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