discount winston cigsNew study findings released today show new insight into the use and awareness of electronic cigs, devices that permit smokers to inhale vaporized nicotine. According to a peer-reviewed scientific posts in the American Journal of Public Health, 40.2 per cent of Americans have heard of e-cigarette and over 70 per cent believe that they are less dangerous than other tobacco products. In addition, smokers are more apt to use electronic cigarettes than non-smokers. This is the first nationally representative study to look at awareness and influence of these products.

E-cigarettes, officially known as Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), really are drug-delivery devices and not cigarettes at all. They have recently earned attention in the media, public health and public policy arenas. While proponents claim e-cigarettes are a harm-reducing alternative to smoking, scientists have increased concerns about the need for ordinance of any new nicotine-delivery product, as well as how they might affect smokers who are trying to stop smoking, or attract non smokers, especially youngsters, who might be willing to try a “high-tech” approach to nicotine intake or be allured by the availability of tobacco flavors.

“The study suggest that younger smokers are more likely to have ever tried to smoke electronic cigarette,” declared Jennifer Pearson, PhD, Research Investigator at the Schroeder Institute at Legacy. “We don’t know why youth are more likely to try e-cigs, but this highlights the need for more information on the health and behavioral consequences of exclusive ‘vaping’ and dual use with combustible smoking products.”