Sun officials already had in the previous night under the control of the car park at the Lappwald motorway 2 to fund a larger smuggling cigarettes made. In a coach coming from Russia, a driver tried to control officials to deceive by approximately 37,000 cigarettes (187 poles) hidden in cavities and then with wood and carpeting disguised.

In addition, the officials also went Busreisende with lesser amounts into the net, so that at the end of yet another approximately 2,000 cigarettes could be ensured.

The total tax claims of all findings of the three days amounted to over 18,000 euros.

A total of ten tons of tobacco were on 17 November 2008 under supervision by officials of the recovery of the body Hauptzollamt Heilbronn in Boeblingen incinerated waste energy plant. The untaxed goods came from a smuggled shipment, which is already in 2005 by a Mobile control of the duty in the vicinity of Lörrach had been discovered.
Cartons with tobacco will be discharged waste energy plant “tens of tonnes – which would have been more than ten million cigarettes can produce,” said the spokesman Hauptzollamt Heilbronn, Thomas Böhme, the quantity of tobacco, yesterday in the boiler of the residual heating Boeblingen was burned. Notably, it was called cut, crushed tobacco, usually in the cigarettes or tobacco use as a filming takes place. The product has already been secured in 2005, when a mobile control of the untaxed duty summons in the vicinity of Lörrach on trucks discovered a Latvian.

Upon completion of the investigation by the prosecutor Offenburg and by the Zollfahndungsamt Stuttgart was to destroy the goods released. To almost 500,000 euros tobacco was apprehended by the tax prevented the damage literally hot commodity, which ultimately dissolved in smoke.

Speaking of smoke – thanks to the waste energy plant in Boeblingen existing modern emission control system existed at no time a threat to the population by the harmful effects of “passive smoking“. “The destruction of such a large quantity also provides for the customs administration a challenge,” says Böhme on the energetic support from the staff of the incinerator.

Five cigarette smugglers arrested in the slot;
Ukrainian truck with 266,000 smuggled cheap cigarettes ensure
Cigarettes Confiscated

According to a witness observed official notice of the police directorate Bad Hersfeld at this past weekend a small cheap rental car. The vehicle had led the police after several hours wandering through the Landkreis Hersfeld-Rotenburg and Vogelsbergkreis to one, in the industrial area of women’s Rombach / slot Ukrainian truck parked in a false bottom of the truck-trailer investigators discovered the 1,331 rods discount cheap cigarettes.

The officials surprised the 38-year-old truck driver and a 19-year-old suspected terror resellers from Bach, Schwalm-Eder-Kreis. The two were engaged in an intermediate soil cheap cigarettes found hidden in plastic bags.