A new state law that bans smoking on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s outdoor commuter rail platforms, including Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road stations, took effect Sunday.

Smokers now face a $50 fine for breaking the rule.

MTA police officers will give out warnings before they start writing tickets.

The agency said the ban promotes a healthier, cleaner environment and reduces the chance of a track fire.

As it is only a statewide rule, Metro-North platforms in Connecticut will still allow smoking.

Rail passengers who spoke with NY1 at the Jamaica LIRR Station in Queens on Sunday had mixed reactions to the new law.

“It’s good for the kids and it’s probably for people who don’t like people that smoke,” said one rider.

“They should an area where you’re able to smoke, and then they should have an area where you can’t smoke, you know what I’m saying?” said another. “So the people who do smoke, they could enjoy their cigarette or their cigar or whatever, and smoke in their area where you’re allowed to smoke, and the people who don’t, if they got a problem with it, they just go to the other side.”

Smoking is already prohibited on outdoor New York City subway platforms.