Cigarette smoking causes many health problems that can even be more serious for people with diabetes enhancing their risks to heart disease and amputation. An article that has appeared in the latest edition of Diabetes Digest, a publication of Diabetic Association of Pakistan warned diabetics to particularly detest from smoking Davidoff as it shrinks the way blood flows through the body and aggravate complications of diabetes.

Heart disease and amputation of leg are the commonest risks for the people with diabetes, warned the expert Dr. Abdus Samad Shera.

To further substantiate the fact, he maintained that smoking damages the blood vessels that makes it harder for the human body to heal ultimately causing infection in legs and feet.

Similarly smoking severely hampers oxygen flow inside the human body and can cause heart attack or stroke.

A diabetic who also smokes is more likely to get nerve damage and kidney disease. Moreover, smokers also contract colds and respiratory infections more easily.

These, he mentioned are besides the fact that smokers in general are more vulnerable to cancers, breathing problems and impotence. Children are more likely to start smoking if their parents smoke, warned the senior health expert.

The good news, he writes, is the fact that no matter how long a person may have smoked his health would start to improve right after he or she quit or cut down a lot on the amount they smoke.

Kicking the habit is hard to do – but worth it and that there are many ways to quit it.