A ban on smoking in all parks, reserves and playgrounds in Charles Sturt Council has moved a step closer. The council voted 14-1 at its November 17 meeting to develop a policy on smoking, which may involve banning smoking in public outdoor areas.

The motion was put forward by councillor Tolley Wasylenko, who told the meeting the council should prioritise banning smoking around parks and playgrounds.

Pennington mother Hayley Lee, 30, said she would feel more comfortable taking her daughter Scarlett to public areas where smoking was banned.

“It bothers me when people smoke around children,” she said.

“I think the beachside suburbs should be focused on first, where there are a lot of outdoor dining areas and playgrounds with kids.”

The Weekly Times Messenger first reported last month that Cr Wasylenko was pushing for the ban.

It follows September proposals to ban smoking in Henley Square and at a park in First Ave, Seaton.

Both were defeated, with councillors saying bans should be uniform across the council area.

Flinders Park mother Melanie Sosnowski, 32, said she supported a ban in all parks and outdoor dining areas.
“You don’t want kids picking up the butts and putting them in their mouths so I think it’s an excellent idea,” she said.

Councillor Tom Scheffler, who supported the move, suggested implementing a trial ban.

However, councillor Bob Randall, who voted against the policy, told the meeting he was concerned about how it would be enforced.

“I don’t think we can be serious about policing it and I don’t want to burden staff with having to fine people for smoking,” Cr Randall said.

A draft policy will be tabled at a future council meeting.