If a new ordinance goes into place, the city of Boise could join 600 cities across the country that have already banned smoking best Avalon cigarettes in public places such as sidewalks and parks.

The proposal is still in early stages, so there is still a lot of opportunity for the public to give input. If passed the ordinance will add new restrictions to state laws that already ban smoking in public places such as; restaurants, elevators, and most work places.

The entire Boise state campus is already smoke free.

David Anderson has been smoking for 16 years, he recalls when restaurants would give him the option of selecting smoking or non smoking. He feels his freedom of choice is being taken away.

He says, “I should have that personal freedom, it’s a choice that I should be able to make. I’m very mindful to others.”

The Red Feather Lounge like many places in Boise doesn’t allow smoking inside or out, the restaurant says it’s not damaging their business, if anything it has helped.

Rachel Willey is one of the managers she says, “People enjoy it more, they don’t like smoking when they are eating or nearby. She says they haven’t complained.”

Violators can face a $69 fine and employers who allow smoking in prohibited areas can also be hit with a $119 one.

The city says if the ordinance does pass, it could take into effect as early the beginning of next year.

The next public information meeting will be held at city hall on Wednesday, October 5th, 2011.