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Jerica Lowder and Samantha Rees experimented with their first cigars after several Coronas – and some short smokes from their husbands, who were lighting up Cuban cigars at a party. At this point, the two women, light up about two or three cigars per month from their husbands’ stocks. “There is something calming,” Rees, 37, stated. “It is just a relaxing thing to do.”

They are currently among a modest, but already expanding number of women who are enjoying the habit of a cigar. Super stars like Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, Claudia Schiffer and Heidi Klum have been known to smoke cigars. Producers are advertising such flavors as vanilla and cherry, and cigar bars and stores are developing experiences thinking about women.

Around 2 % of U.S. women state that they light up cigars, as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, however that is concerning 3.2 million women. There are all ranges of cigar-smoking women, from the ones who smoke on special events to the heave smokers. The latter would be Barbara Munchel, who says that she is a devoted cigar smoker. She doesn’t like the ones created especially for women. “For me, those are not cigars,” she mentioned. “The cherry, the vanilla, the chocolate flavored cigars. That is not cigar smoking. I like to drink my coffee and I also want my cigars to be genuine.”

Avanti, a leading cigar maker situated in Pennsylvania, is offering its brand new cafe mocha Estilo cigar in three-pack pockets “which women prefer to put in a purse or pocket,” stated company’s representative Elaine Ferri. Avanti is as well releasing a new range of attractive tips for their cigars in the coming month, along with other add-ons and fresh flavors. “Women are undoubtedly an expanding market in the cigar industry and they choose flavored and small cigars,” Ferri explained.

These advertising initiatives might even have a ripple impact on men. “Marketing experts keep in mind: Wonderful females – mainly well-known ones – have always had power over men, and in most cases they are strong enough to induce us change cigar brands,” David Martosko executive publisher, wrote lately. “And also let’s not fake here,” Martosko stated. “There is really something sexy about attractive women who smoke cigars.