A meteorite from the planet Mars is giving scientists their first glimpse of extraterrestrial life–and it is shocking everyone. The meteorite sports a fossilized marijuana leaf, as well as some dried plant material. The estimated age of the fossil is almost 2-billion years old.

The strange, greenish meteorite was discovered in Antarctica, about 20 years ago. The martian rock has the scientific name of RUustoned-420-iEyEam, and is about the size of a football. Bored NASA astronomers decided just recently to split the meteorite in half. and take a look inside.

The astronomers first saw a fossilized marijuana leaf, perfectly preserved. The leaf was dark green, and smelled ‘very strong’. They also found some dried leaves, and decided to smoke them–just to see what would happen.

“I was never so stoned in all my life!” declared Dr. Karl Saygun, the head of NASA. “That stuff is from another planet, for sure. I think I’m still stoned!” said the silly astronomer.

NASA now believes that Outer Space must be full of life; especially cannabis. There may be some type of cannabis growing on every planet in the Universe.

“If cannabis independently evolved on Mars and Earth, then it must have evolved almost everywhere. We live in a Cannabis Universe.” stated Dr. Saygun. “I’m going to go find some more of that martian weed, and think about this some more!”