What do you know about women’s cigarettes? There is a special kind called “women’s cigarettes or the so-called all the cigarettes that women prefer? Fashion goes strides, and now she has switched to cigarettes. Women differ from men’s cigarettes cigarettes primarily the shape and beauty. Women’s cigarettes tend to be more subtle and elegant. Most often, women’s cigarette lighter. To date, there is also a huge number women’s cigarettes.

Advertising is doing its part, the stores are increasingly interesting to see packages with colorful names. Ignorance to people at first glance and incomprehensible that hid in the tiny box, similar to the package from the spirits.

All women want to be beautiful, stylish, fashionable. Therefore, in the streets, in offices, in cars, restaurants are increasingly to be found the girls, women, and grandmothers holding in the hands of the thin female cigarettes. They are not thinking about their health, their more importantly, how they look today, now. And even the terrible figures, speaking on the endless number of diseases associated with smoking, women are not afraid to abandon this harmful habit.

There is a myth that smoking helps to combat excess weight causes women to handle cigarettes, Tesha oneself that in such a way to get rid of the extra kilos without exhausting diets. However, many women, cigarette smokers, women’s forget about how much harm they cause to your body. This lung cancer and various heart diseases, and cancer … not to mention the fact that smoking adversely affects the health of children.

Girl with a woman’s cigarette in your mouth feels fashionable and beautiful, but she forgets that the gray color of a person, unpleasant smell from the skin, hair, clothes, rotten teeth and yellow push from the people. This woman is disgusting in others, and, above all, men.

However, female cigarette smokers in recent years not only by women. Many men are moving in the women’s cigarettes, naively believing that the harm resulting from the lower. This self-deception. Of course, many lady’s cigarettes contain much less of the harmful substances. In the women’s cigarettes less tar and nicotine, making the greatest harm to the body. But the thing is that smokers transitioning from conventional cigarettes to women oftenbegin to smoke cigarettes. And this is proven fact. People, women’s smoking a cigarette further delayed, with a much larger dose of nicotine.

Thus, it appears that the transition to women’s cigarettes, you are much more loose than gain. And the name of “women’s cigarettes” just a beautiful header terrible consequences. Therefore, think before you get into the hands of beautiful women’s pack of cigarettes. Is it worth your health and money spent hours in his confidence irresistibility!