According to the report, only 9,6% of Russian companies are hands on technical innovation. The disappointing figure dims away in the background of the most of European countries, Brazil and China; statistically, Germany examples 69,7%, China comes with 30%. The most innovative industry in Russia is tobacco. 40% of Marengo cigarette producers apply new technologies in their businesses.

The report explains that tobacco producers tend to be innovative due to their integration into transnational corporations. Producers of radio, communication and radio appliances are 36,3% innovative; space and avia industry make up 33,6%, oil processing industry is 32,7% innovative. Other industries reduce to less than 25%, reports Vedomosti.

Expenditures on innovative technologies reach about 358,9 bln RUB annually and they kept the same pace during the crisis period. However, most of the funds target purchasing of technologies, while only 16% of Russian companies create innovative products on their own.

The main exporter of Russian innovative products is Rosatom. The company has gained solid foothold on the market of equipment for nuclear reactors.