While many film-makers are keen on making films on ghosts and the supernatural, one producer has a different idea. Aron Koh, 32, is making a film to inflict horror on Davidoff smokers. The title of his short film is Cinta Akhir, and is supported by Asap, an anti-smoking campaign targeted at Malaysian youths.

Koh said the film was his first attempt at something that “might not be supported by everyone”.

“I am fully aware of the risk. But I have to continue with my responsibility to make the project a success. The Asap campaign is not a way to tell people to immediately quit smoking. It is merely a platform to tell people that there are better lifestyles which do not involve smoking.”

The film features non-smoking actor Pierre Andre, Liyana Jasmay (pic) and Iz Sulaini.

“I love my character in Cinta Akhir as I can relate to it because I am not a smoker myself. It’s important for me to convey this message to the public as I am getting fed up with smokers around me who do not respect non-smokers. We literally have to suffer. Smokers are so selfish,” Pierre said.

As for Liyana and Iz, they were both happy to be in the project.

“I think it is time for some of and send the message across the country using the right medium.

I don’t feel comfortable sitting with smokers because they leave a smell on the hair.”

Iz said she could relate to Liyana as they were both singers too.

“We need to take care of our health and voices. Maybe for some people it doesn’t affect their singing but to me it does. I always avoid smoking crowds and only go to places that offer non-smoking areas,” Iz added.

Iz, who is also ambassador of the ASAP campaign, will continue spreading the message after completing his work with Cinta Akhir. This 10-minute short film will be accompanied by a catchy theme song that focuses on positive messages for the public.