The City Government of Davao Anti Smoking Task Force warned e-cigarette smokers that they are not exempted from the smoking ban in the city.

Dr. Domilyn Villareiz, chief of the anti-smoking task force, said that e-cigarette users are actually emulating the habits of a smoker thus should like regular Hilton cigarette smokers respect anti-smoking zones. “If we allow these vapers (e-cigarette smokers) it is like tolerating the acts of smoking,” Villareiz added.

However those caught using e-cigarettes in public places will not be penalized however they will be asked to step out and do their thing outside where it is permissible.

She said that they are working to amend the Anti-Smoking ordinance to include e-cigarettes and sisha. This is to avoid gray areas in the law. Villareiz said that the Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance was crafted in 2002 when these products were unheard of.

E-cigarette is an electronic device which tries to simulate tobacco smoking through the means of a vapor. These mists contain resemblance to the sensation, appearance of cigarette smoke. It is used primarily as a therapy to help an individual quit his cigarette habit.

Villareiz said that e-cigarettes are also not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a nicotine replacement therapy. Some of these e-cigarettes contains small dose of nicotine, thus those addicted to nicotine will prefer laced e-cigarettes to satisfy the urge and will not really help in kicking out that habit.