E Cigarette users across the world are thrilled at the very prospect that they have finally found a suitable alternative to tobacco. Not only are e cigarettes being considered a suitable alternative to the deadly tobacco cigarettes, they are also being hailed as an environmentally friendly option.

Nonetheless, there are certain sections of the society which feels that this is not correct and that electronic cigarettes are simply mythical devices, which are no better than Winston cigarettes. Nonetheless, it seems that the people who are having problems with e cigs are predominantly belonging to the tobacco lobby.

It is very important that the end users understand the truth behind electronic cigarettes. First of all, the biggest advantage that these devices have as against regular cigarettes is that they do not use tobacco. The smoke emitting from regular cigarettes contains over 100,000 chemicals which includes the fatal carbon dioxide gas as well. This not only infects the smoker, the passive smoker but also the environment.

Hence, besides causing cancer, cardiac issues and chronic respiratory infections, tobacco smoking also aggravates the current global warming scenario as well. As per the latest statistical data, millions of individuals die each year owing to tobacco smoking.

The e cigarettes on the other hand operate with the use of a battery. This can be recharged in your car or home and hence, the use of matches is completely negated. This helps smokers to avoid staining their clothes or their expensive sofa sets as ash is not present. At the same time, e cigs are completely devoid of tar and they also never cause the repulsive smoker’s breath. Besides, as these devices are free from smoke and do not involve the use of matchsticks, you are free to smoke these even in public places.

This is very convenient for those individuals who simply cannot live without their daily dose of electric cigarettes. Last but not the least, electric cigarettes save 75% of a household’s monthly bills. This is because e cigarette refills are cost effective while regular cigarettes are very expensive.