Dunhill (Red –International): Strong but smooth flavor, and have a considerable amount of nicotine. An excellent, top of the line smoke. Debonair. This used to be my regular brand. The ones in the attention getting international box are slightly longer than a king size. With taxes where I live they now cost $7.00 a pack, which is an outrage.

Sweet Afton’s (non-filter): I believe these are from Ireland though the name comes from a Robert Burns poem. Made of quality Virginia tobacco, this great tasting cigarette far less harsh than the typical non-filter cigarette. Outstanding. My only complaint is that the box they come in is flimsy.

Major Extra Size: These are also from Ireland I think (and manufactured by the people who make Sweet Afton’s). They are actually smaller than a king size. A nice, mild Virginia tobacco taste. They fall into the category of cigarettes I enjoyed, but for some reason was not inclined to smoke on a regular basis.

State Express 555 – These UK smokes have eye the most aesthetically pleasing packaging (in both Kings or International box) of any modern cigarette. They have a mild, agreeable flavor, and seem less smelly than many duty free cigarettes.

Ducados: These strong Spanish cigarettes have an odd filter and provide a lot of nicotine. They taste cigar like to me. Stenchy and harsh.

Prince: Smooth flavor, kind of like a mild tax free Marlboro cigarettes without the burnt aftertaste, and a lot of nicotine. I expected more considering they are from Denmark, so therefore find them disapointing.

Export ‘A’ – Has anyone ever seen an Export ‘B’? A quality cigarette, I don’t find them strong enough or exceptional enough given their usual price.

John Player Specials: I think these Canadian cigarettes deliver more nicotine than any other filtered cigarette. Strong flavor has an acrid aftertaste that was never to my liking.

Rothman’s: Taste kind of like a ragged Dunhill.

Turkish Special: These are made in Holland. Great real Turkish taste (although I only like real Turkish taste occasionally), these have a longer than normal filter that to me reduces the draw too much (unfortunately, as they are quite good). If you swithc to these everyone will notice your sweet new smell. Turkish Special non-filters are fantastic, but for some reason I don’t see them around anymore.

Gauloises (filter/non-filter): Better than Gitanes, I have never been a fan of these, despite their strength, perhaps because I associate them with poseurs. Smelly.

George Karelias: A tolerable Greek cigarette, for those who for some reason feel compelled to smoke Greek cigarettes. Overly vegetative flavor.

Shepherd’s Hotel: German. Strange name, strange box, strange gauge, strange tangy flavor.