For some inexplicable reason, a person with a cigarette in hand is considered as cool and attractive. The old bad guys and the modern heroes, all have displayed smoking on screen and have fascinated audiences with their manner and their personal style. Despite the fact that smoking is hazardous for health, depiction of cigarette use in movies has usually been a base for character establishment.

The Indian Government has prohibited smoking in movies and has made it mandatory to pass a mandatory caution in the opening credits. Examining and prohibiting of smoking will preferably result in a favorable reaction from viewers and help to create a much healthier, non-smoking society.

When movies like Heroine and Fashion occur, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra holding a cigarette are some of the strong images that are kept in mind. The heroes they displayed belonged to the glamour industry. They found out how to smoke, mainly because they considered that tobacco use will help them while having depression and problems.

An identical depiction was performed in The Dirty Picture. It was stated that Vidya Balan had smlighted up more than 10 cigarettes during the whole movie. Bollywood celebrities decide to smoke in order to make their characters look more realistic on tv screen when they do not use any smoking products in reality.

Award winning Kahaani demonstrated officer Khan indulging in his habit in front of a pregnant Vidya Bagchi delivering the improper communication to society. Even though it is an insignificant thing, the effect is rather hazardous. John Abraham starrer No Smoking was not accepted well at the box-office receipts, nevertheless, sent a significant communication about smoking to society. His personage, a chain smoker had made a decision to stop smoking for his loved ones.

Generally, looking at both the movies, one point is evident, cigarette use doesn’t help on screen person or the off screen person. Cigarette use is just hazardous, so this message should reach one and all. Smoking to look stylish or to display this attitude is a very incorrect communication delivered to society through movies.

It’s not only movies which suggest and encourage smoking; the choice to not smoke must come from within self. On a final note, smoking or no smoking mostly depends on the individual and their values.

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