Early Spring finds Mike and Bob Ammerman hard at work on their farms, preparing tiny tobacco seeds to be planted. Using a greenhouse to protect the seedlings against the cold, the Ammermans wait for the best possible mix of warm weather and rainfall to set the plants in rows.

Cultivation and Curing
Different regions have varying methods for the next step in tobacco cultivation: burley tobacco is air-cured in ventilated barns by Autumn’s alternately dry and humid air.

In the old days, all of these tobacco crops would be cured, tied into “hands” and sold on a basket. Today, they are bundled into 60-100 lb. bales and taken to auction.

Quality Standards
From the auction to the store shelf is where European’s Best most exacting quality control standards come into play. After purchasing the highest quality leaves for a combination of flue-cured, burley and other fine tobaccos. Using leaf tobacco with no reconstituted powder or other factory debris, there is no need to add chemical taste enhancers.

Best factory climate controls maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels designed to keep tobacco at its peak flavor. Machines may produce thousands of cigarettes a minute, but each step in the manufacturing process is overseen by people, not robotic equipment. Highly-skilled staff of workers personally observes quality, to ensure a perfect cigarette and a perfect smoking experience every time.

Our Mission
Our mission now is to continue the work of growing the finest quality tobacco for making the very best cigarettes.

Best cigarettes brands reviews

Marlboro: the world’s best selling cigarette needs no advertising, as its overwhelming popularity speaks for itself, produced by Philip Morris International. An outstanding cigarette. I liked it better than that of many American-made cigarettes.

Pall Mall: the rebirth of this once best-selling brand continues and its popularity is on the double-digit rise. The reason of this growth is rather simple – Pall Mall is a superior quality smoke selling for moderate price. I tried Pall Mall Slims Amber and was totally pleased with the taste.

Parliament: well-known brand and very famous for its premium quality and tangy taste. Besides traditional styles, Parliament sold across Europe is offered in several great varieties like Parliament One, Parliament Super Slims and Parliament Reserve.

Davidoff: the legendary brand which recently celebrated its centenary. Davidoff is simply a great smoke, providing a unique combination of rich taste and superb quality. In addition, Davidoff offers a large assortment of styles, differing in strength and length, so you will definitely find your perfect match.

Winston: I like the bracing flavor of Winston White, and it’s one of few brands that don’t make me cough. Winston is the fifth best-selling cigarette brand in the world, so the quality of this brand is guaranteed by enormous popularity this brand has around the world.