Scottish economy spends 1.1 billion pounds annually on anti-smoking campaigns. Expenses like economic impact of illness brought about by smoking are considered by Scotland ash, along with lost productivity from workers going for smoking breaks.

In the opinion of the charity the cost of the public in contrast to the 940 million pounds the Scottish government earned from the tax of tobacco. It also informed that the duty which tobacco requires to be raised and the funds used for increasing the prevention of smoking services.

The charity’s chief executive Sheila Duffy said, “Not only does smoking devastate our health, with over 13,300 adult deaths every year and thousands of others affected by smoking-related illness, it also has a negative impact on our economy.”

Ash Scotland informed that the productivity was lost after the workers on smoking breaks and leaves in smokers and the lost output because of early deaths which became more than 692 million pounds.

The chief executive of Ash Scotland has requested for some cash to be put into services to help smokers in quitting this bad habit and also said that tobacco duty must be raised.