Jodhpur Smoke-Free City

The city is all set to become smoke-free very soon. The authorities will soon enforce an intensive campaign to achieve this goal, in which not only the government offices but even schools, colleges, commercial and trade organizations will have big banners bearing messages to discourage tobacco use. The administration is also going to set up a pressure squad with a view to achieve the objective expeditiously. District collector Gaurav Goyal said, “With a view to make Jodhpur a model in this direction, we are going to appeal the acts and ordinances pertaining to cigarettes smoking with a view to make Jodhpur tobacco-free city and have started working in a planned and intensive manner.

We have also sought cooperation from the tobacco wholesalers and sellers of tobacco products to create domino effect in the society, especially among the youth”, declared Goyal.

Goyal also held a conference with the tobacco distributors whole on Thursday for this purpose and soon a meeting will be held with the representatives of tobacco industries.

Goyal argued that consumption of tobacco products in any manner is a social vice, which has disturbing far-reaching effects.

He added, “It will be a coordinated action, in which the people will be sensitized to the bad effects of tobacco consumption using print and visual material, which will contain banners, flex boards and posters carrying anti-smoking messages and pictures showcasing the harmful effects of tobacco consumption. An enforcement selected will also be established.”